Prologue !

by Kazu

It seemed that the Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University held "Hokkaido University Marche" on August 23(Sat.).
Quality veggies produced on the promises and other area of Hokkaido were sold in front of the faculty building.
 On August 25(Mon), my business jaunt to the eastern part of Hokkaido started in the rain.
 Please enjoy the scenery from Sapporo City to Kushiro City. There were so many very calm railway stations to drop by.
 The scenery from the train was so nice that I was convinced I should not read paperbacks in the train.
The rain hit the sheet glass of the windows sometimes.
I thought the further I went to east, the darker the green of woods became because of the increasing ratio of spruce.
Shimukappu Village is one of the rural area that suffers from depopulation and is struggling with the harsh situation of sparsely populated area.

To be continued.

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