Get over the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake) !

by Kazu

It took approximately two hours to reach the peak of Mt.Asahi(dake) from the station of the lift.
 Other peaks in the deities' garden could be seen clearly and the magnificent scenery tempted us to step in the path to the other peak.
This monument was on the peak.
We headed to the area covered with snow but the approach was so tough just before arriving the world of white.
The peak of Mt. Kuro(dake) could be seen and it seemed to be so easy to reach there.
 After going down the ragged,  rocky and unstable trail, we felt the cold air below zero in Celsius.
I perspired much more than the last time we reached the peak and I should have more drink than before on the day.
The cold air was so comfortable but we decided to go back to the peak after having taken pictures.

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