La Vista Spa in the morning !

by Kazu

This is the outside spa that I posted as the night version before. After jogging around the highland and taking photos for my wife, it was so nice to indulge myself in floating in the hot spring spa.  
 Only a few trunks of birch could be seen from window in the darkness at night but what a nice refreshing to see the green of the woods from the spa.
Birds were whispering in the woods.
This is the hot spring spa inside. It was a little bit hotter than outside and seemed to be facing east. Bright sunshine in the morning made everything glaring.
The booths to wash our body had body soap and shampoo made of carbon.
 The outside bathes could be seen from inside for checking vacancy of the personal bathes.
Enjoying the barrel bathes in daytime was much better than at night because of the fabulous scenery.
 We could recharge our battery in the hotel and stuffed our stomach with culinary delights .

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