Beer Garden in Ohdohri Park !

by Chis.

We chose KIRIN Beer Garden arranged by KIRIN Beverage this year. The beer bash with my friend family started in so called magic hour. I would like to accentuate the positive of the annual beer gardens under the sky.  
My friend's hubby is an architect and so special at drawing the portrait of us while we are drinking and talking. This is my portrait he drew.
Every time he kindly sketched myself, I am struck by his skill and the art of communication even in other countries.  
 Their kids always show us nice performance in front of the camera.
I am not sure the reason why they precede every shot of camera with some kinds of endearment.
 They were not bullying each other. They were just kidding,
I gave a photo chance to a stranger seated next to our table. It became a long night for my hubby and friends.
I am so sorry for having failed to post the photos of the beer bash with my friends,
My hubby came back to me from his business jaunt to the east and I was so relieved that I really refreshed in the night albeit my hubby went overboard.  

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