Ten Minutes Passed !

by Kazu

I was remembering the entrance of the small bathes where I got the second wing. Ah, why my wife was eager to climb to the top of the same level of mountains again and again ?
My calorie in-take in the morning might enough for climbing Mt. Asahi(dake), as shown on the left.
Topped with smoked salmon  and smoked cheese, veggie salad was so nice to refresh my body.

My wife was gazing at the peak of the mountain. I am not sure if she understood and appreciated enough the support I had gave her when we had conquered the peak of mountains for beginners or not.
When we had any trouble or quarrel, she asked me to accompany the trekking expecting for the good support give by myself.
Her mother loves hiking but she had been an atomic mam who knows no tiredness. My wife is not so strong like her mother. Even so, she had got to love trekking so much.
 So-called "Kamui Mintara" that means the garden where the deities of Hokkaido Island is romping around, was so nice high land like Scotland where the movie film "Highlander" featuring Christopher Lambert.
Now, so nice autumnal foliage of red, yellow and brown can be seen there.
 The top of this mountain was covered with snow a few days ago. The days left for our climbing might be limited this year. Hit the road and head to the mountains !

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