Asahikawa to Tenninkyou !

by Kazu

The riverside behind the railway station in Asahikawa City was still constructed for the comfortable lives of the citizens and tourists. The wind flowing on the river was so nice and it inspired me so much.
We left Asahikawa City in the morning and visited "Tenninkyou " valley. This wet cliff is called "Kagami Iwa" that means "Mirror Rock" in Japanese.

This valley is at the foot of Mt. Asahi(dake) and many tourists visit here for stress-relief.  
Columnar joints can be seen around the hot spring bath area. So beautiful water falls called "Hagoromo-no-taki" and "Shikishima-no-taki" are on the upper-side of the river but too much water flow of the river kept us from reaching and seeing those waterfalls on that day.

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