The party was thrown !

by Kazu

The annual party for the officers of Hokkaido Government who have relationships with Sorachi Sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido was thrown at remodeled Pole Star Hotel Sapporo in the evening of February 3(Mon.).
Opening speech was delivered by the mayor of Iwamizawa City Mr. Matsuno Satoru and the member of Hokkaido Legislature Mr. Tsurube Isao who is one of the most powerful key person in the legislature.  
Actually, under his suggestion to the mayors and the Director-General for Sorachi Sub-prefecture of Hokkaido Government Mr. Yasunori Yamane, Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association will be established on February 17(Mon.) and the ceremony will be held in Sun Plaza Hotel in Iwamizawa City.

The office of the association will be placed in the Chambers of Commerce of Iwamizawa and it requests the honor to be accompanied by the Head of Delegation from Taiwan to Sapporo Mr. Chen and his wife.
Various kinds of food products, drinks and produces sourced locally were provided by the municipalities in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
Then I introduce them on this blogo-sphere.
The first is the smoked rainbow trout made in Kamisunagawa Town.
The trouts are raised in the spring for tab water used by the citizen.

To be continued.

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