The Party Spread from Sorachi 4 !

by Kazu

This is the last post on "the Party Spread " series.
I might have introduced these bottles of Japanese sake brewed in "Kobayashi Brewery" in Kuriyama Town of Sorachi sub^prefectural area.
It is with pleasure to announce that "Kobayashi Brewery" will be a member of "Hokkaido Sorachi Japane-Taiwan Friendship Association and will provide some bottles of Japanese sake "Kita-no-Nishiki" to the ceremonial party for the establishment of the association to be held in Hotel Sun Plaza in Iwamizawa City on February 17(Mon.). The brewery is already a member of Sapporo Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association but the headquarters is in Kuriyama Town and it expects the Sorachi Association to arrange the active exchange and business occasion with Taiwanese companies.
These red labels on the bottles show that they are the flagship series of sake that have fruity aroma and light dry taste.
 These red labels on the bottles above show that they are the flagship series of sake that have fruity aroma and light dry taste.
 On the other hand, on the right is the premium sake made of highly ground rice and laid in the icy warehouse from February last year. They can not be made other part of Japan.
These cans of tomato juice are made of fully-ripen tomatoes "Momotarou" raised in Tsukigata Town and no additives are not contained.  The manufacturer attached the importance to the natural original taste of the tomatoes.
These bottles of wine are made from the grapes raised in Tsurunuma Winery of Urausu Town. The white is WeiƟburgunder that fits to a T with various kinds of cuisine.The dry taste got the Silver Award in the competition of domestic wine in Japan.
This jelly is made of mango fruits raised in the greenhouses run by Jinnai Farm in Urausu Town. The fully-ripen mangoes  picked up in winter when the year-end gifts are sent each other make you experience the new common sense on the globe.

The mayors of the cities and towns in Sorachi sub-prefectural area met and got together in front of my camera.
On the photo above, from the left, the mayor of Numata Town Mr. Kanehira, the mayor of Hokuryu Town Mr. Sano, the mayor of Naie Town Mr. Kita, the mayor of Takikawa City Mr. Maeda and the mayor of Utashinai City Mr. Fujimoto are drinking and talking.
The mayor of Ashibetsu City Mr. Kiyosawa joined them on the photo above.
Mr. Maeda and Mr. Fujimoto seem to be talking about their cooperation in the middle Sorachi area.
I hope I will be able to bring huge amount of profits to them and their citizens in Sorachi area as well as the competitiveness that can not be found in other area on the globe.  Kudos to them !

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