The Party Spread from Sorachi !

 by Kazu

As I posted yesterday, various kinds of food, drinks and products were served in the party for the people who have a relationship with Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.

The top is Japanese sake brewed in the snow of Numata Town to make it milder slowly. The name is "Yukinagori" which means "left snow" or "the trace of snow"in Japanese.
"Yukinagori is made from the rice "Kirara 397" raised in the town.

On the left is ros'e, the assemblage made from wild grapes in Maoi Winery of Naganuma Town. It has stable sweetness and the flavor of the wild grapes that spreads mildly in your mouth.

This Japanese sake is named "Kin-no-Shizuku Sunagawa " which means the drops of gold and the name of the city, Sunagawa. Needless to say, it is made from the rice raised in the city but the rice grains should be ground much more than other sake. The full-bodied taste with fresh, dry and deep feeling is the characteristics of this sake.
This is un-filtrated sake called "Ikkon" which means one soul in Japanese and the category i called "Doburoku". As you may recognize, the liquid is white and not clear. This is made in Naganuma Town.
 This is fried rice cake called "Okaki" in Japanese. The snack is crisp and salty and flavored with shrimp, scallop or kelp. Sometimes I forget the time passing while eating this snack and eat up one bag, drinking beer. "HORI" company is producing this snack as well as the famous Yubari Melon Jelly and other sweets in Sunagawa City which is one of the most popular place to produce confections, cakes, snacks and baumkouchen.  
This is the rice balls made of chicken rice by Nakamura Company in Bibai City. The chicken rice made from the chicken broth and meat is very popular in the promotion of local cuisine and the material rice is "Nanatsu-boshi" which means seven star in Japanese. It was provided as the rice balls for convenience of the guests this time.

To be continued.    

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