The Party Spread from Sorachi 3 !

by Kazu

This is the second last post of "the Party Spread" series on this blog.
On the left is the strawberry produced in Yuni Town of Sorachi sub-prefectural area. The name is "Akihime". The farmers are proud of the sweetness and aroma that spread in your mouth with the tasteful juice. Please come to Yuni Town and try it albeit you might have try one of them o top of the cake made in major patisseries in Sapporo City.
 On the right is so-called "florentins" made from very rare black soybeans called "Kuro-Sengoku" that are cultivated in Hokuryu Town.  This black soybeans contain so much functional polyphenol such as anthocyanin and the black soybeans are focused on nowadays because they are so high in protein and contain the nutrition that contributes to striking the balance of immune system.
It can be said that this florentins is the mixture of oriental and occidental cuisine and materials.  

This is the fried rice cake snack. First of all, the rice cake is made from the rice raised in Hokuryu Town and the rice cake is dried naturally and fried in the oil made from rice.called "Sunflower Rice". Only natural salt is sprinkled on the fried rice cake.  
This tomato juice is made from the nutritious tomato raised organically "Siciliens Rouge" that was developed in Sicilie of Italy. Only three thousand bottles are sold every year.

This bottle of wine is made from the grapes cultivated in the vineyard in Housui Winery in the outskirt of Iwamizawa City. Can you see the sign of this bottle  "Ricca Kellner 2012" ?
Ricca means snow flakes in Japanese. The winery makes this series of wine to express the climate and the earth in the city.  
 These manju, Japanese-style bun stuffed with sweet red-beans paste  and pumpkin paste sourced in Tsukigata Town. This kind of hand-made sweets are one of the big draw in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

To be continued.

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