Viva Takikawa !

 by Kazu

It is a pity that I will not be able to take part in the Paper-bag Lantern Festival in Takikawa City to be held on February 22(Sat.) because I have to be away from there on the day.
Please visit Takikawa City on the day and try the restaurants and bistro in front of the railway station.
It is still so cold today that I use the mitten made of beaver fur that I bought in Quebec City, Canada.
The touch-feeling is so soft and smooth that you can not believe that it is the natural product. Ummm, yes, it is like a micro-fiber blanket or silk.
The mist from the river stack to the branches of trees and covered them with ice.
 Under the condition of minus thirty degrees in Celsius or below, the moisture in the trees is frozen up and break the trunk of the trees sometimes.
On the other hand, these trees covered with snow will not be frozen up but the heavy snow on the branch may bend the trunks and branches to the extent the tops of them touch the ground.
Would you try to stroll in the woods in winter. Bears are sleeping under the trees or in caves. So almost no fear of bear-attack in winter;)

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