Cycling Monitor Tour Course in Winter !

 by Kazu

Can you remember I posted the photos of the tourist of cycling monitor tour conducted at the beginning of November ?
This is near the starting point of the last day in the monitor tour.
Heavy snowfall hit Yubari City this winter, too.
 I would appreciate it if the member of the tour could remember where this is.
This is the road from Yubari City to Kuriyama Town.
The scenery is so different from that in November but the view is clearer than in autumn because the trees lost the leaves.
Only the spruces keep the leaves with white snow on them.
Can you remember this small shrine that you passed by, Taro-san, Mrs. Gemeni Tsai and Mr. Quinton Cheng ?
This is the point I took pictures of all the tour members .
Have a nice weekend !
I will visit Taiwan next month !

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