Cycling Monitor Tour Course in Winter 2 !

by Kazu

The cycling course for the monitor tour in Sorachi conducted in November, 2013 was completely covered with snow.
Can you remember the course colored with beautiful autumnal foliage, Taro-san, Mr. Quinton Cheng, Mrs. Gemini Tsai and other friends in Taiwan ?
This road with poplar trees was not the same course as you all passed by in November but this course will  be seen on the web soon. It will be introduced by David with movie film on the web site.
This road is in front of the Green Land in Iwamizawa where the famous huge music festival "Join Alive" is held every year.
I took this photos on my way back from Yubari City to Iwamizawa City before sunset. The sky was so clear but the west side was covered with cloud. It will snow tomorrow. Even if it is fine in Sapporo City,  it tends to snow in Iwamizawa albeit the cities are only forty kilometers away from each other.
Basically, it is prohibited to enjoy cross country skiing on the agricultural field but do you think it should be allowed ?
Have a nice weekend !