Binge Drinking with Youngsters for Birthday !

by Kazu

It was a pity that I could not have enough time to talk with young staff members in my office because I was too busy to have such occasion so often.
If I could pick up the tab for every binge drinking with the youngsters, I could have given a good try to more projects that was beneficial to Sorachi sub-prefectural area and other area of Hokkaido.  
 Different from us "old foggy" people, they have much more possibility to make the vision real if they could exert an enough effort for that.

We should carefully listen to them talking on their lives, dreams and visions and if possible, give them indications and suggestions.  

Before finding their own value and the way to step forward, the working load and house chores on their shoulder may annoy them and wear them down. They need the light of hope and a mentor.  
Ms. Wakai was the protagonist on that day. I was not sure how old she was at that moment but she will get more ability and power in coming five years.  
Let us propose a toast to their future filled with delights and prosperity !

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