The Party Spread from Sorachi 2 !

 by Kazu

Please check put other party fare on the table brought from Sorachi sub-prefctural area.
On the left is the sparkling apple wine brewed in Fukagawa City. The municipality of Fukagawa and other towns around it are currently planning to promote cidre and galette made from the produces sourced locally. Quality apple and buckwheat are cultivated in the area.
 This is Japanese sake made from black rice and it is not filtrated. Yes, it is also in the category of "Doburoku", not the name of the area in Croatia.
The black rice "Memu Sakura-Murasaki" which means Cherry Violet in Japanese is originally for making rice cake but is used to make this orange Doburoku named "Shiho-no-Shizuku" which means the drips of violet ear of crops in Japanese.  The black rice gives the vivid color and mild taste.
This meat is half-wild ducks raised in Takikawa City. I would like to promote the local wine and gibier such as venison, wild geese and pheasant sourced locally. Precise speaking, this duck is not sauvage but the taste is so nice that I can say that it is near demi-sauvage.
This sliced meat is smoked and makes the best match with beer and wine.
 On the left is the buckwheat cracker made of the quality buckwheat raised in Uryu Town.
O the right is the rice snack flavored with the soy beans powder called "Kinako" in Japanese.  
This hot spicy pickled Chinese lettuce and cabbage are made in Nanporo Town. Compared to the ones that are sold in normal groceries, this is not added the preservatives, so please have it as soon as possible after open the package.
 This pickled veggies are made in Naie Town. Radish, cucumber, aubergine are pickled with rice vinegar and mustard..  
This Japanese sweet is called " Ran-Manju" in Japanese. So beautiful moth orchids are raised in Akabira City an this sweet is the namesake of the orchid raised in the city. Japanese-style bun stuffed with sweet re-beans paste.
This tomato juice is made in Chippubetsu Town and the name of Red Riding Hood is on the label. it has full-bodied taste of fully ripen tomato.

This is the spirits flavored with apple and mint.  It is brewed in Moseushi Town. As if refreshing wind is blowing in your mouth if you had a sip of it.

To be continued.

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