The World of Snow and Ice !

by Kazu

It may be dangerous to jog around in such weather of unclear vision. But the heavy snow fall can not be an excuse to fail the exercise every morning. Actually, my smart phone could not focus on the white scenery because of the snow fall this morning.
Can you find the white building over the white field ? Would you stroll around such white field without help ?
For us, people in Hokkaido, this is the everyday life in winter and commute to our office almost without delay. Without cap or warmer, your ears would feel the harsh ache and soon no pain later.
Different from my hometown Kitami City, the snow cling to the hands and body, taking away the fever from the flesh in Iwamizawa. The coldness makes me imagine the pain and death but in Kitami, the snow is not so sticky and does not bring the pain, just paralyzing the body without fear of death.
In the era of pioneering in Hokkaido, this coldness had been what the people had to fight against.  

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