Geo-park in Mikasa City !

 by Kazu

Mikasa Geo-park Promotion Seminar will be held in the city hall of Mikasa City on March 20(Thu.) in order to acknowledge the citizens of the city and adjacent area about "Geo-park".
It will start on six o'clock.

The keynote speech will be delivered by the president of Japan Geo-park Network Mr. Seiich Saito and he will talk about the objectives of the geo-park activities.

The active players in geo-park movement from Lake Toya and Mt.Usu area, Mt. Apoi area, Shirataki area, Tokachi Shikaoi area in Hokkaido will get together and talk about their efforts exerted  to invite tourists and students and play up the existence of their treasure.
The details are at http://www.city.mikasa.hokkaido.jp/hotnews/files/00003200/00003275/20140218085752.pdf
but written in Japanese.

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