Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association was established 3 !

by Kazu

To the members of  Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association and the participants to the celebration:
Please copy your favorite photo from this series of photos taken on February 17(Mon.).

Mr. Kitazawa, The CEO of Hokuei Inc. headquartered in Iwamizawa City announced the start of the party thrown for celebrating the establishment. He devotes himself to the friendship between Taiwan and Sorachi as he had stayed in Taipei from 1986 to 1990 when he had worked for Japanese trading company.
 Mr. Kitazawa will work as the organizer of the steering committee and visit Taipei with us on March 18(Tue.), 19(Wed.), 20(Thu.) and 21(Fri.) to strengthen the economic relationship between Sorachi and Taiwan.
Everybody seemed to be pleased with the establishment of the friendship association and to expect to be involved in the movement and business chances.
The chair of Iwamizawa Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr. Igarashi and his deputy Mr. Tajima who assumed the chair of the friendship association talked with Mr. Chen and his wife about the future and the delegation to Taiwan that would be dispatched in March.
Mr. Tsurube and Mr. Muraki, the members of Hokkaido Legislature also talked about the current situation of Taiwan and Japan.
 They were listening to the opening speech delivered by Mr. Kitazawa.
Let's get the party started !

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