The Delegation of Team Sorachi to Taiwan !

by Kazu

Today, we happily announce that Sorachi Sub-prefecture of Hokkaido will dispatch its delegation of the Team Sorachi to Taiwan in March. The precise date is currently adjusted but the delegation will depart for Taiwan on March 17(Mon.) or 18(Tue.). The delegation will be headed by the would-be President of Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association Mr. Tajima and the  
chair of Iwamizawa Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr.Igarashi. The Director-General for Sorachi Sub-prefecture will accompany the delegation with his subordinate "me".
It is with great honor to have the occasion to see the top brass of Taiwanese Government and the private sector.
If we could have any chances to see Taro-san, Mrs. Gemini Tsai, Mr. Quinton Cheng and other friends in Taiwan, we would appreciate it so much but total itinerary has not been decided. I will post it on Facebook and this web page after our itinerary and schedule are finalized.
See you again in Taiwan !      

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