Jippy Winter Festival in Nanporo Town !

by Chis.

Jippy Winter Festival will be held in Nanporo Town on February 9(Sun.)
These photos were taken last year.
Curling, snow mobile, ice & snow candles are the big draw in the festival.
The kids from the sister town of Nanporo Town, Taragi Town in Kumamoto Prefecture are invited to the festival and special events are planned.
 The famous mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamon will also visit Nanporo and join the festival with Nanporo's character Cabbachi-kun.
The festival will get started at eleven o'clock in the morning but the kids can play with Kumamon and Cabbachi-kun from ten o'clock to eleven in the morning.
Ton's of cabbages are produced in Nanporo Town and hot and spicy pickled cabbage and Chinese lettuces are sold here and there in the town.
Please try the veggies raised in Nanporo Town!

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