Kijimaru-kun in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

It may be inspiring to have binge drinking with youngsters albeit I have to pick up the tab without going Dutch.
I throw a BBQ party in BBQ restaurant "Ton Ton Tei" in Iwamizawa on January 22(Wed.). I regret that I should have more occasions to talk with youngsters in my division about our business and life.  
 Besides, our division had a new year party in another BBQ restaurant "Kijimaru-kun" in Iwamizawa. It was in the outskirt of the city and the shuttle bus was available to go there from downtown.
This course costs 2,500 Japanese yen without drinks. We brought in drinks we liked.
 The starter was Caesar's salad and smoked salmon. Spaghetti Japonese and omelet followed an the main was fried pheasant. The amount of spaghetti was so huge that we had to bring them back in doggy bag. "Kiji" means pheasant in Japanese.
The restaurant is run by a social welfare facility.
The fried checken was flavored with curry powder. I failed to take photos of smoked peasant but that was most popular yesterday.
The URL of the restaurant is

Please try the pheasant dishes in Iwamizawa this weekend !

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