Sapporo Chika-ho !

by Chis.

Ms. Ibaraki Prefecture and Ms. Tochigi Prefcture visited the event stage of the underground promenade of Sapporo City which is called "Chika-ho" and delivered Japanese apricot trees that are budding in their prefecture.
 The promotion characters of the prefectures were also playing their role to allure the passengers and remind them of the existence of their prefecture as well as the characteristics.
These are the posters for promotion of the movie film "Eternal Zero" the story of a Zero Fighter in the World War Ⅱ who was eager to come back to his family but was not successful to see his wife and daughter. I am not sure the relation between the two prefectures and the movie film but the aviation training facility of the zero fighters were in the prefectures.
It seemed that small people were in these mascot characters and I know it was tough job to play the role in the closed space.
Even the people in Hokkaido are longing for coming spring and fully flourished flowers in winter.
It will take three month to see the cherry blossoms in Hokkaido.
Before that, please enjoy the activities and the scenery in winter in Hokkaido !