Perfect Winter !

by Kazu

"It will be fine tomorrow," I said to myself on my way back to Sapporo City from Iwamizawa in the evening. But the weather turned like the eyes of cats.
Next day, everything had  covered with snow and the scenery turned to monochrome.
Due to the comparatively warm temperature from zero to three degree in Celsius, the snow flakes grew bigger than in extremely cold  
temperature and stuck to the branches like decorations of Christmas trees. Sometimes the wet snow breaks the branches of the trees in winter.
The coldness in winter is deadly. Actually, some people passed away after binge drinking in downtown because they fell in sleep despite the silent death was closing to them with comfortable icy touch.
Recently, fireplace or stoves are in in Hokkaido again because ladies tend to love the direct radiation of fire, not the warm wind from the central heating system.
Lying on the mouton in front of the red fire in the fireplace or stove, a safe and comfortable sleep can be indulged in Hokkaido-spec houses.
We have to go back to our offices soon.
Please have a nice weekend !