Appare-tei in Kitami City !

 by Kazu

If I was asked to introduce the most popular ramen restaurant in Kitami City, I would take the person to this Appare-tei, so far.
This hot spicy noodle soup has the full-bodied taste that strikes the balance with sweetness and mildness.
This is the best seller "Salt" but we thought that it has the most full-bodied flavor despite our expectation that it was the lightest in the flavoring. Very thick and deep taste it has.  
It was the choice of my wife.
This is the real hot spicy miso-based noodle soup called "Kara-miso ramen".  I did not think it was so hot for the red color of the soup.
 The thick and comparatively hard noodle is "me gusta!"
This is "Kin-goma ramen" which means golden sesame. The red dots are chili oil that reminds me of the French dishes decorated with sauce.
I can say that they are worthwhile in Kitami City but the sign of the restaurant is not so flamboyant and the building can not be find from the car on the route 39. Please check out the address on this web site.