The beginning of seasons !

by Kazu

It was so fine in my hometown Kitami City on the second day of 2014, too. I jogged around the Green Center of Kitami City and was allured to the forest again.
It was a little bit earlier than January 1 but the footprints were much more.
It seemed that some citizens tried to stroll in the forest and sought for the peak. Some big footprints were heading to the upper side of the mountain.
 Compared to the summer and autumn forest, the breathing of the trees could not be felt in winter. But the traces of wild lives existed here and there.
The houses of some creatures were in this area. They were breathing and watching this side.
 The city started to move  after the long and deep sleep. I hope I would show the city the glory of development again. I am wondering if I could come back to this city in the future. I love to jog around the mountain side of the city that has the tomb of my family.
Pine cones were collected by somebody or something beside the trail. This might be a mountain of goodwill for something.
They are combustible and produces nice aroma but I am not sure if they are edible for something or not. They also produces the new lives. We have to try again and again even in the uphill battle and do our best. "Till death do us part." Have you vowed for somebody ?  

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