Naruto-ya in Otaru City !

by Chis.

Happy New Year !
I hope all the visitors to this blog can succeed in their business and private life this year as well !
Today, I would like to introduce a well-founded Sushi bar Naruto-ya in Otaru City.
This is the flagship set menu in the restaurant.
 The fried half body of chicken set is 1,100 yen.
The philosophy of the founder was written on the board with his portrait.
"Just only wanting to see the smiles of the people,
and wanting to make the place where the people can get together,

the flavor in memories continues to be handed down to next generation,

the taste of Otaru must not be lost"  
Grilled prawns are one of the biggest draw as well as the fried chicken.
 The minced and sauteed chicken rice bowl was served with a yolk of egg. My wife loves its flavor.
The fried chicken wings are so crisp on the surface and juicy inside. Needless to say, it has full-body taste of matured healthy chicken.
This is skewered grilled intestine of chicken called "motsu kushi". It is so tasty and good to have with pints of beer.

 The URL of the restaurant is

  1. The address of Naruto is 4-1, 2 chome, Shinko, Otaru City, Hokkaido
    Phone :0134-54-0540
  2. 北海道小樽市新光2丁目1−4                                                               As a result, we had Japanese fried chicken set for lunch. Half body of chicken was too much for us on the day. 

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