For the future of Taiwan and Hokkaido !

by Kazu

After the meeting in the Representative Office of Taipei in Sapporo City, Mr. Chen and Mr. Lee kindly threw a party for the friendship between Sorachi Sub-prefecture and Taipei.    

 Mr. Kanehira, Mr. Yamane, Mr. Nara, Mr. Lee and Mr. Yokoyama seemed to be satisfied with a certain result of our cooperation.
Mr. Chen delivered a welcome speech as a host of the party. The Mayor of Iwamizawa City Mr. Matsuno and the Mayor of Bibai City sat beside Mr. Chen.  
 He expected to see the active exchange of the people and products of each area and vowed to exert his best effort to enhance and upgrade the relationship between the regions.

His words of sincerity moved everybody in the room and made them convinced that a success would bring them all something best.
 Mr. Yamane responded to the the speech of heart from Mr. Chen and vowed to do his best for the win-win relationships between the regions.
The chair of Sapporo Japan- Taiwan Friendship Association that gave us good support and suggestion, Mr. Kimura explained about their long history with Taiwan and invited us to the alliance of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association Hokkaido that would throw a party on January 21(Tue.).  
 Of course, he loves Taiwan and Taiwanese people so much. He would visit Taiwan again this year, I think.
The mayor of Bibai City Mr. Takahashi received a few Taiwanese cycling delegation last year and was successful to advertise his area to the people in Asia.  
 The mayor of Numata Town Mr. Kanehira has a various kinds of plan to sell the produces in Nomata Town to Taiwan, Honkon and San Francisco.
He is very active and able mayor.
Sapporo Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association has its office in his office. He is the C.E.O. of NIHON BOUSAI GIJUTSU CENTER co., ltd. Mr. Sashikawa who contributed so much to the friendship between Sapporo City and Taiwan.
 Mr. Nara, the Chair of Iwamizawa Tourism Association committed to accelerate deepening and widening the relationship between Hokkaido and Taiwan.

Mr. Minami,  the director-general of Sapporo Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association is literary the key person of the relationship between Taiwan and Hokkaido. He has been and is devoting himself with a hectic amount of desk work and adjustment.
Kudos to Mr. Minami !    
At the end of the party, photo occasion was held at the entrance of the venue for the dinner.
The promise should be kept in the near future. Everybody knows about it.

On our way back to each home, we contemplated on the plan to revitalize both regions in the snow.

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