After the Great Weekend !

by Kazu

In order to avoid to delay to the appointment on January 14(Tue.), I was back to Iwamizawa City on 13(Mon.).
Above is the sidewalk completely isolated from the road for automobiles. Do you think it is safe ?
It continued to snow over the night.
The monochrome works of art were made by the deities in winter as shown on the right.
It was minus 10 degrees in Celsius around the neck of my woods and that made up this comparatively round arts.
The trees have to bear the weight of the snow in winter as usual. I hope nobody is under the snow.
The light of hope could be seen in the west but it is the fake. Heavy snow clouds were coming soon. Actually it is still snowing now.
The small black dot ahead is a gentleman commuting to his office.
The side walk seemed to be cleared in the morning. No automobiles could not be seen on the left. The noise of the automobiles were absorbed in the snow wall and it was very calm.
Yes, it was the silence of fatal coldness.
Please do not dive to the snow without the observation of your friends or family !