"Thai's" in PASEO Sapporo Station !

by Kazu

The Thai restaurant is on the basement floor of JR Sapporo Station. The name is "Thai's".
Spring rolls of this type made of rice paper is one of my favorite. I think the Thai restaurant is the nearest from my condo.
This spicy plum sauce is moderated for Japanese people, I think.
But this green curry is so hot that it requires two more helpings of rice to eat up. Actually I had to wipe off my sweat on my face so frequently to avoid the drops to the curry.  
I think the flavoring of this green curry is also adjusted for Japanese people but the hotness is enough even for me.  
The lunch set of "Gappao" has appropriate volume for females and the fried chicken add some twist to the dish.
"Thai's" can be checked at  http://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0101/A010101/1040575/
Have a great weekend, friends !

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