Aburiya Lunch in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

The photo above may be too bright but the quality was so high and amply satisfied me who was eager to eat again "Makanai-don" which means the board for the kitchen staff and contains chopped seafood that had been so popular in the diner "Hirano-ya" near the Sapporo Central Market. Compared to normal sushi, it does not require to shape the sushi but the sense of taste should be keen to make it.      
My wife selected normal sushi set above that included buckwheat noodle and the quality and the amount satisfied my wife enough. The URL of the website for this restaurant is

Usually, I used this Japanese restaurant in the evening and savor the grilled food and fresh sea food with plenty of beer. The name of the restaurant "Aburi" means to grill. Please try that. The quality of the materials and the skill of the chef are guaranteed. Have a nice weekend !

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