Fratello di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town 2 !

by Gen
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Again, these photos are from the official web site of Fratello di Mikuni at
I am not sure if I could call the restaurant "auberge" or not but anyway two villas are on the vast premises of Fratello di Mikuni in Kamikawa Town.
The skylines of Daisetsu Mountains can be seen from the villas.
The design of the interiors lokks so sophisticated and comfortable.
The food materials sourced locally play the critical role on the staage of food art.
These abalones are also picked up off shore of western coast including Rumoi.
Needless to say, the bubbly is  selected so carefully by the chef.
Would you have a special night with your precious in the restaurant ?
Walking around the building is another big draw to the auberge.
So nice and comfortable place to stay is her in Kamikawa Town.
Please try that but it requires patience to obtain the reservation to have a happy time there.

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