Keep Wild Birds Wild !

by Kazu

Compared with Rishiri Island , Rebun Island did not seemed to be so mountainous. It is not Snare Island.  
I was wondering how many foreign tourists had visited this island. The ocean was still so cold that I could not dive into the ocean during my stay on the island in spite of the fact I had tried to swim in arctic area.
You might feel too lonely if you visited the island in winter albeit the island has so nice hot spring spa near the port.
Gray clouds with astounding cubic meters lean on the island as the ferry was getting far away from the island.
These signs were put on the wall of the ferry.I have seen so many tourists on this globe have been enjoying feeding the wild lives only for their pleasure. Fried snack seemed to be most popular to feed flying seagulls but too much oil contained in such snack may damage the digestion systems of wild lives.  

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