Herring Fishing in Spring !

by Kazu

Above is the diorama of Rishori Island displayed in the Museum of Rishiri Town. Embalmed and stuffed Sea lions were displayed near the entrance of the museum.
 It seemed that the beach of the island was filled with the herring and the boats for the fishing.
Needless to say, the indigenous people of Hokkaido had lived on this island and many conflicts occurred between the indigenous tribes on this island and the main island of Hokkaido.
These pots and other items were found in the ruins on the island.
The people's life on the island was caught in the display of the museum. I thought they were the fishermen drinking Japanese sake.
The fishermen's boats with ton's of herring came back from the ocean and the ladies treated and processed them. Wanted something, many people came to this island.
 Herring fishing was conducted in spring. So herring fishing was the sign of coming spring and herring was called "Spring Fish" in that era. Fishermen came from the southern part of Hokkaido and the northern end of the main island of Japan in March to join the fishery.

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