TAIYAKI in Asahikawa City !

by Tacky

A fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste is a Japanese
traditional snack.
It is called "TAIYAKI" in Japanese.
TAIYAKI is made by stuffing the aqueous solution of flour into the baking frame shaped like fish as red snapper, baked it, put in sweetened red-bean-paste called "azuki beans" on one side of the frame and baked it
together with both sides.

Most of Japanese love the popular snack and have sometimes.
There are 2 kinds of system to bake up the snack. One is to bake one by one and the other is to bake dozens all at once.
The person who sticks to the taste of the TAIYAKI, called the former "natural product" and the latter "cultivated product" ion order to make the difference clear.
Natural product TAIYAKI is called "TENNENMONO" in Japanese by TAIYAKI fan and values
But so-called TENNENMONO is troublesome to bake up, and physical strength is also required.
That is why the number of TENNENMONO's store keeps decreasing.

Now, there are 30 stores that sell TENNENMONO in Japan and some of them are in Asahikawa City.
The taste of TENNENMONO varies depending on how to make it including how long to bake.
Everyone enjoy the taste of the fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red-bean-paste of a TENNENMONO by all means, please!

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