Drive in White !

by Kazu

Senboushi Misaki Park is one of the best places to visit and romp around albeit the number of colors is limited in winter.
As the island has a beautiful mountain at the center of it, a circle of road is the only way to drive on. The lookouts of the island is shown at http://www.town.rishiri.hokkaido.jp/kankou-annai/
I had not expected so much resources for tourism in winter on the island but people from the outside might fond some  kinds of big draw on the island.  
 All the flights and ferries from and to this island was canceled on that day.
There should be the island of Hokkaido in this direction but thick cloud and fogs hid it for a long time.
 Before arriving at the center of  Rishiri Island,  I dropped by a building on my way to Rishiri Island.

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