Rishirifuji Town to Rishiri Town !

by Kazu

Would you remind me of the chilly breeze from the ocean in summer ?
The color of the ocean is cobalt blue in summer but the color of lead and white waves covered the surface of the ocean on that day.
This is the lake located on the west side of the island. Completely it was frozen up even in March.
It may be so nice to go skiing around the lake but nobody was on the lake. Is it hidden resource of tourism that the people living on the island can not recognize ?
Please imagine the scenery of the place in summer. It won't take so much time to go around the island and enjoy enough the atmosphere of the northern end of Japan and the culinary delights sourced locally.
This tide pool is so fine to dive into and find creatures in it. The scenery will get the colors again soon.

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