Dinner in Rishirifuji Town !

by Kazu

This is what I savored in the evening on the northern end island.
From above, sushi-grade sliced fresh mackerel, pacific salmon, halibut and sweet shrimp with WASABI, green horseradish.
To be honest, it is so difficult to enjoy the taste of top-quality seafood in such traditional inn on this island in winter but the owner showed his skill as long as he could.
This tempura was made of wild herb and fermented soy-beans-paste. You could feel the bitterness of spring.
And this fire-pot was so-called "Shabu-Shabu" style and what I held with the chopsticks was sliced octopus. We call it "Tako-shabu" in Japanese. Three kinds of Japanese mushroom, leek accompanied ans were boiled with broth.

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