"Mikuni Pass" to Kitami City !

by Kazu

Near the center of Hokkaido Island, Tokachi Mitsumata Hollow is surrounded by many mountains such as Mt. Piribetsu 1602m, Mt. West Kumaneshiri 1636m, Mt. South Kumaneshiri 1560, Mt. Yuunai 1220m, Mt. Mumei 1243m , Mt. Onsen 1281m, Mt. Horoka 1166m, Mt. Upepesanke 1835m, Mt. Nipesotsu 2013m.
 The landscape that can be seen from Mikuni Pass was picture-perfect and every time I drop by the pass, this magnificent scenery welcomes us so kindly.
This is the mint museum in Kitami City where the 80 % of mint was produced on this globe. Various kinds of tools for distillation of mint are displayed in the Mint Museum of Kitami City. The URL is http://www.city.kitami.lg.jp.e.fu.hp.transer.com/  

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