Cape Shukuzu in Otaru City 2 !

by Kazu

On the top of Cape Shukuzu, a cozy hotel accommodates tourists from other parts of this globe. The name of the hotel is Neuschloss. To be honest, I have stayed in this hotel before it was refurbished when I was in junior high school.
I could not enjoy this scenery when I visited in my adolescence because I was so excited to stay in the hotel with my gangs in the same school. Needless to say, I was not annoyed by hangover in my young age but I did not have a custom to jog around early in the morning.
I've not enjoyed scuba diving yet this year but this spot will be the next point to dive in not-so-distanced future, I hope.
I remembered that I had to visit Asarigawa Hot Spring Area before sunset and left the look out heading to the hot-spring valley.

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