"Tokachi Mitsumata Area" !

by Kazu

On our way to hometown Kitami City, we dropped by a cafe near Mukuni Pass, the highest pass in Hokkadio. Pizza toast and fried rice lunch set were our choice on that day.
 "Mitsumata Sansou" is the name of the cafe. The railway called "Shihoro Line" that connect This area and Obihiro City was abolished in 1987 and the cafe was opened near the railway station "Tokachi Mitsumata". The railway was for carrying out the lumber to Obihiro City  Even after Nukabira Dam was built, the railway served for the forestry and was in black for years.  
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But after the forestry fell into a decline and the freight transportation was abolished, the community shrank so much and almost no household is there. The owner of the cafe was the bus driver and is the descendant of the resident of the community. Beautiful lupinus flowers can be seen there every year.  

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