Night Jogging in Wakkanai City !

by Kazu

You might have seen this object before. I posted the photos of this object on this blog before and I might have posted recently after coming back from the business jaunt to the isolated islands.
 It is part of a line of wall to protect the port. from the waves and winds from the west.
Nobody could be seen around the port of Wakkanai at nine thirty in the evening.
It is the sight from my dry eye. I was a little bit tired after the long ride on the train from Sapporo to Wakkanai.
 It is called "Bouha Dome" in Japanese. This area was used for commercial film shooting several times. Different from the scenery of daytime, I felt like being protected by this wall from the nemesis existing on the other side of the wall.
Have you ever seen it before ?  

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