Their Life in Rebun Island !

 by Kazu

Above is the photo of the Citizens' Activity Center of Rebun Town and the left is the mascot character of Rebun Island. Its name is Atsumon. It is the namesake of so famous flower "Rebun Atsumori-sou".
 Various kinds of beautiful flowers peculiar to the island entertain the visitors so much. Rebun Atsumorisou is one of the famous flower on the island. On the right is not "Rebun Atumori-sou"but the variety is like that.  
These photos were displayed in the Citizen Activity Center. It must have taken so much time to take such beautiful photos, I think.
 "Kita-no-Canary" is the title of the movie film shot on this island. One of the most famous national actress Mrs.Sayuri Yoshinaga was the protagonist of the movie film. The abolished elementary school building was used for the movie.
The poster of the movie film is on the right.
The beautiful Konide of Mt. Rishiri can be seen form Rebun Island. This scenery can not be seen from Rishiri Island, ironically.

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