The Windsor Hotel Toya in the night and・・・ !

by Kazu

What is your take on this flower arrangement ?
It was arranged in the corridor of The Windsor Hotel Toya. It must have cost so much but such kind of heartfelt hospitality allures so many people from other part of this globe.  
 Before spring brings the aroma of beautiful flowers outside of the hotel, the visitors to the hotel can contemplate the bless of the deities on this island.
The shape of the chandelier was like the torches of trail blazer.  
The lights of Toyoura Town could be seen from the hot spring bath of the hotel. They showed the real life of the people of the town.
Some parts of the garden of the hotel were lit up. I got sleepy with stuffed stomach.
Good night !

It was so cold and cloudy in the next morning.

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