A little bit hilly area of Rebun Island !

by Kazu

I promise to come back to and stay in this Inn under the cliff facing the ocean in summer and report on this blog  in the future.
At the lookout on the peak of the hilly area, a Japanese poem was carved on the monument. "Northern storm hit harder day by day the seagulls that are hungry and crying." is on the monument blown by harsh wind from Northwest.
 The small island gave me easily the perspectives of the island. So far, no fear of Oh-Tsunami to this island is expected but the road surrounding the island is so close to the ocean.
It is the monument for Mr. Zeniya who contributed to the development and prosper of this island.
 One of the ports on this island had not been connected with the downtown of this island until some decades ago. Only some small boats were the means of approach the port and the community. Can you believe that ?
Why the people decided to live there ?

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