Tirol in Utashinai City !

by Kazu

If you want to enjoy skiing in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Utashinai City has the excellent facilities including the accommodations and the training machines.
This hotel "Tirol" is run by the public company affiliated by the municipality and the restaurant is run by the chef dispatched from "Sapporo Grand Hotel". So the level of the cuisine is so high.
Another hotel is near the downhill ski course on the hillside of Mt.Kamoi-dake. I think the hot spring spa in "Tirol" is better.
As you may recognize, the concept of the city is like in Switzerland or Tirolean.
The hotel has a big gymnasium where various kinds of sports can be enjoyed even if it rains outside.
This is "Nanko Soup Lunch Set" in the restaurant.
Boiled horse intestine is flavored with fermented soy-beans "miso" and it has the own history in this city of coalmine.
Pickled veggies are the special products in Utashinai City. The moms in the city set up the company to make and sell the quality products in the city and New Chitose  International Airport.

I will post the reason why the boiled horse intestine is the special cuisine in the city later.


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