The result of "Sorachi General Election" 4 !

 by Kazu

In the category of the best to savor in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of "Sorachi General Election",  "Cabage Tendon" in Nanporo town  got the fourth position. Fried cabbage leaves with special sauce are on the rice. Of course, spicy pickled cabbage called "Kimuchi" accompanies. It may be difficult to imagine the amount of fried cabbage on the rice. Precisely speaking, it may be tough even for me to eat up the bowl of fried cabbage.  
 The fifth is "Millet Cake" made by Tanida headquartered in Kuriyama Town. It was my gran-ma's favorite.
The sixth is "Gatatan Noodle Soup" and "Gatatan Fried Rice" that I posted before.
The soup thickened with flour contains a wide variety of seafood and veggies and is savored with ramen noodle or fried rice. It has been loved by coalmine workers and their family.

The seventh is Sunagawa Sweet Road that holds many famous patisseries and confections. "Kitakaro" is the most famous patisserie in Sunagawa City but the level of the sweets in the city is extremely high.

"Black rice hamburger" got the eighth position in "the election". The buns are made of black rice produced in Fukagawa City.

The ninth is buckwheat noodle soup with curry soup in Yubari city that I posted on this blog before. Unfortunately, I can not post the photo on this site now because of the filing problem. I apologize.
 The tenth is "Mo Mo Don" which is the grilled beefsteak and veggies on the rice in Moseushi Town. It is very very popular in many events focused on the food and materials.

In this "General Election", each municipality had to nominate only one kind of food from their area, so other delicious foods were culled before the election.

Please visit this blog site again and again and be intrigued by other culinary delights I will post. Thank you again for attention and taking part in "the election"!

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