Dinner in "Food Palette a.i.u.e.o" in Nanporo Town!

by Kazu

I visited the bakery that my friend's wife was running in Nanporo Town.
On the left is Sunflower & Raisin Bread for 1,200 Japanese yen and the half is for 600 Japanese yen. On the right is white "Fuwa Fuwa Bread" which means fluffy or soft ? in Japanese. "Chocolate Bread" and Walnut Bread is at the center. The larger size is for 700 yen and the smaller is for 350 yen.
I really love this "Sunflower & Raisin Bread" called "Himawari & Raisin Pan". I think three slices of this bread is enough for breakfast because it is stuffed so much and tasty.

"Pan forte" that I introduced and used as the present to the winner of the quiz, are cut into small pieces because the whole cake is for 3,500 yen.
Bottled apple jam is so nice to have with the breads above.
Needless to say, those bottles of marmalade are another big draw even for not sweet teeth.
I brought skewered grilled chicken cooked in Yakitori Mifune of Iwamizawa City. Chicken breast & sliced onion, chicken entrails with sliced onion.
The content of the fire pot in the dinner is steamed fish paste, bamboo shoots and chicken.
Other than that Mrs. Mieko Kanahyou made up so tasty hamburgers flavored with ketchup and spices.
Please find this bakery with small table and chairs that the metal artist Mr. Naoyuki Kanahyou made up.
Again "食のパレット a.i.u.e.o" is on the sign. Please find the small bakery in Nanporo Town!

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