The result of "Sorachi General Election 3 !

by Kazu

As the result of "Sorachi General Election", in the category of the best savor, Bibai skewered grilled chicken got the first prize!
Under the concept of using the whole chicken without wasting even a part of it, Bibai skewered grilled chicken has been developed in 1950's.  Skewered grilled chitterlings and skins of chicken are on the left and chicken breast with cut onion is on the right.
No political consideration has been paid but everybody might have been relieved with this result;)
The second best is the soft ice cream in Naganuma Town. Needless to say, there is the famous and popular Jingisukan pot that extracts the very best of lamb taste by soaking it in special sauce before grilling in Naganuma Town but as Takikawa City is also famous as the place where the headquarters of Matsuo Jingisukan Group is located, a little bit adjustment has been conducted.
"Aichu-land" and "Ice-no-Ie" are the famous place that attract many tourists all the year round
The third position was "Takikawa flavored Jingisukan" such as "Matsuo Jungisukan Pot", "Kobayashi Jingisukan Pot", "Hanajiri Jingisukan Pot", "Bimi-no-Hanajiri" and "Ai-mutton" that can be available in Takikawa City. It can be said that Jingisukan pot is the soul food for the citizen of Takikawa City where the mutton soaked in the special sauce has been developed.
As I am collecting the photos of the fourth and below now, please wait a little bit otherwise have a look on the result at   http://www.sorachi.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ts/tss/soracchi/sousenkyo/sousenkyo_ajiwau_kekka.htm

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