Hokuhoku-an in Naganuma Town!

by Kazu

Japanese noodle Udon Restaurant "Hokuhoku-an" had been in the center part of Sapporo City before and many business persons had their lunch and dinner every day. But one day, it seemed that the owner had decided to move the restaurant to rural area of Hokkaido. Yes, at the center of the agricultural fields. Naganuma Town was what the owner decide to settle in.

The entrance is between the building of the restaurant and the house of the owner. As you can see on the photo on the right, the restaurant and the building put the stress on the pastoral scenery. It like a drawing or photo cut out from the nature.
This is the house of the owner, I think.
The building of the restaurant has more windows than the owner's house.
"Supreme Nabeyaki Udon" is what my wife chose for the lunch on that day. Fried shrimps and other toppings decorated on the surfaqce of the pot.
Japanese Tempra of veggies and shrimps with boiled udon was so nice for me who had eaten too much for the dinner before  the day. The owner chose this place after he or she made a tremendous success in the center part of Sapporo City.
What I can do now?

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