Afternoon tea in Maple Club, Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

I have not decided on the quiz of the month. Should I continue to post the quiz every month ?

The visitors to this blog are increasing even now but I would like to listen to the voice of visitors in this regard.
Besides, when I spend my weekend in Iwamizawa City, I visit "Maple Club" run by Patisserie "Red Ribbon" headquartered in Iwamizawa City.
I am not sure the entrance of my house in Ottawa, Ont.,Canada was like this or not, but I love the stove and atmosphere in this building.
It is on my jogging course in the morning and evening every day. Are you enticed by this appearance of this building. Something warm and enjoyable seems to be inside.
The illuminated gate of the building is like the trap for sweet tooth and lonely single bachelors.
The stove is still working even now in Snow Land Iwamizawa City and make us so happy.
Cooking seminars are held in the kitchen space of upstairs.
In front of the stove, the comfortable space can be used for 30 people.
The dream land for the people who have a sweet tooth is open all the year round.
My choice was "Gotter Fromage".
Cherry Mont.Blanc (Pink) was for my wife. It smells so nice!
Would you have the quality afternoon in this patisserie this weekend ?


  1. I always enjoy the Quiz of the Month questions!